Inna Roizin: bespoke designer, tastemaker and visionary with a unique sensibility for design and the environment.   

Born in Latvia to a family of well-known furriers, Inna quickly discovered her passion for creating and working with her hands by watching her father make delectable hats and coats out of exquisite furs. In the years that followed she developed her distinctive worldliness and sophistication by living in Israel and attending a French school in Brussels; and at ten years old finally settling in New York City with her family. As the fur business was declining, the family was not experiencing the same success as previous years and were strictly insistent on Inna following a more dependable career path.

Inna graduated College with a B.S. in Computer Science and worked as a Software Analyst for 12 years. During this time she continually pursued creative outlets that allowed her to express herself and work with her hands.Her favorite past-time was working with clay and creating various sculptures and objects; even creating her own beads with her name engraved. Working at the World Trade Center, her job ended with the terrible attack of the Twin Towers in September 2001. With poor outlook for another job, Inna began delving more and more into the creative world. It was then that she made her first evening bag out of beads so she can go out.Compliments poured all night and Inna sold her first bag to a store owner. Thus the Inna Roizin brand was born.

Working with precious, semi-precious, antique and unique beads collected from all over the world Inna began to hand-make custom evening bags and cuffs for all of her friends and their friends; items which have now become staple designs. Inna’s collection has evolved to belts, bustiers and one-of-a-kind art pieces and accessories made-to-order. Her approach is simple, focusing on quality, craftsmanship and creating special, bespoke pieces for her clients. She customizes colors, materials, sizes needed for the discerning tastes of her devotees. Using only her hands, she incorporates unique beads from her travels, a whimsical element and the timeless design and eloquence she is so loved for.

Inna currently resides in New York City and Miami and continues to expand the brand globally through her many travels and her unique clients. She supports an environmentally-friendly approach in her work and lifestyle by operating her website through wind energy and giving back to World’s Kitchen Organization.

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